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to the orders the president is signing now. for more on that, want to bring back my colleague wendell goler back at the white house, on the north lawn. wendell? >> reporter: bill, among the executive orders the president is signing one is a crackdown on people who lie on background checks for guns, tens of thousands are caught doing that every year. only a handful, and by a handful, i mean a dozen or so are prosecuted. the president will order the department of justice to crack down on people who lie on background checks. this is something that also has the support of the national rifle association. he will also order better distribution of mental health records by assuring states that doing so does not violate the privacy rights of people. this aimed at making sure mentally unstable people don't have access to guns but the president, white house aides say this has to be a combination of things. you need congress to pass the proposals that you mentioned earlier. an assault weapons ban, a ban on high-capacity magazines, and also universal background checks to deal with the 40% or so of guns that
wendell palmer is 44. until recently, law enforcement sources say that wendell palmer was a patrol officer in the sixth district located east of the anacostia river. his police powers were revoked some time ago but it's unclear exactly when. and the church's website doesn't currently list any information about a youth choir or name wendel palmer as the director. now, based on the affidavit, it appears the woman making the claim against the officer is now either 19 or 20 years old. palmer is facing one count of first-degree child sexual abuse. law enforcement sources say the investigation is ongoing. brian? >> paul wagner tonight. >>> another big story we're following. the maryland-virginia general assemblies are in session. some of the big issues maryland legislator will face, including gun control, a repeel of the death penalty, and transportation funding. reporter -- legislator of virginia considering gun control, transportation funding and possible changes to teacher tenure. fox 5 spent the day at both opening sessions. we have team coverage and start with john henrehan in annapolis. >>
think she wants you to talk forever now. >> there is a letter from henry james to oliver wendell holmes, oliver wendell holmes wants to join henry james in north conway. james writes back to say it is great except we stretched a bed for you where there isn't one so you simply have to share a bed with me with only one bed at the beginning and then he said i don't mind if you don't mind. as the woman said when the puppy dogs licked her face. if i am a biographer and i come to that, there is very little i can do. there was perhaps -- may be changed by the time oliver wendell holmes went up there with no evidence of what happened after that as regards to the puppy dog. if you are the sort of of biographer who can take sigmund freud and read carefully this remark, very interesting, what an odd thing to say. perhaps they were being playful. maybe it was a joke they had between them. of biography has to be careful with that. don't judge that. i think i know what happened when he arrived, only one bed or perhaps -- if you army and you are a novelist you realize oh, look what i have now. in away
out this morning about 8:00. the crowds were already forming. the lines were long. wendell goler our main man at the white house has been there for decades. you saw another former president. wendell goler live from the capitol building. wendell, good to see you. >> reporter: shepard, president obama joins franklin delano roost velt as only president to take the oath of office four times. you're not seeing me, back of my head. the inaugural committee mandates only its cameras are used on-site during the actual program. president roosevelt was elected four terms. president obama got the virtue of january 20th landing on a sunday and chief justice roberts flubbing the oath in 2009. he used a note card yesterday. probably will use it today, shepard. shepard: justice sotomayor you saw. a funny story from last night. i flown in from turks and caicos for a quick vacation and taking a delta flight from kennedy. it was supposed to take off at 8:30. there were big mechanical problems. they were towing it from the gate. the toe bar got caught underneath the plane. it might have been me and my c
wendell goler with the connection between the games people play and the things people do. good evening, wendell. >> going. early next week, vice president biden will give the president recommendations on how to prevent incidents like the newtown school massacre. with time running out there is little agreement about what to do. >> a day after talks with the gun owner groups that produced a little meeting of the mind, vice president biden met with video game makers though the expectation seemed equally low. >> there is no silver bullet. no seat belt that you can put on to assure that you will not be in this circumstance again. >> biden said it's not clear that violent video games are part of the pron, the most violent are often the best sellers. newtown tragedy seized the administration with the desire to do something or some things even if they don't solve the entire problem. >> i never have quite seen anything as shocked the conscious of the american people like six and 7-year-old kids riddled with bullets in classroom, neighborhood, in an area that was considered to be immune to this
court. wendel apartmenter pleaded guilty. fox 5's karen gray houston has the story. >> reporter: defense attorney harold martin on the left had no comment for reporters as he left court. we believe the gentleman on his right is a relative of wendel palmer at the family run temple church of christ apostolic where the alleged sex abuse occurred. >> it's shocking. >> reporter: that was the reaction from neighbors when we stopped by wendel palmer's house on reed circle in ft. washington. christmas decorations including a manger scene are still up and what appear to be church vans parked in the driveway. none of the street residents we spoke to wanted to be named. >> because he seemed like such a nice guy, but i had no idea. i mean you never know who is living next to you. >> great surprise, a shock. it's unthinkable. >> reporter: according to a court affidavit, the sex abuse of an unidentified minor began at this church when she was in her 6th grade year and continued from when she was 11 to 13. palmer was the church choir director who allegedly sexually assaulted the girl in the
. our fox news senior white house affairs correspondent is on the grounds there. wendell, good morning to you, as we get ready for this swearing in. >> reporter: the bible has been in the biden family since the late 1800s. justice sotomayer, the first hispanic to serve on the supreme court will be the first to swear in the vice president. it appears the ceremony being held early because the justice has a book signing in new york at noon. the constitution doesn't stipulate the time for his ceremony as it does for the president. the president will take the oath of office today at noon in a simple ceremony here at the white house. and then he'll do it all again in front of the capitol tomorrow, with about 800,000 people and a big parade. one columnist likened it to a couple getting married in city hall and then reenacting the ceremony for guests. the constitution requires the oath to be taken by the president at noon on january 20th, but by tradition, the big ceremony isn't held on a sunday. here comes the vice president. [ applause ] [ applause ] t . >>> the vice president has asked that
? wendell goler. >> the dow jones/industrials closing in on the prerecession high of 14,164 set in october of 2007, the standard & poor's index passed its high point. the stock market recovered from the worst recession since the great depression. unemployment still 7.8%, few would say the same for middle america. critics argue the president recovery effort with $1 trillion in stimulus spending and hundreds of millions in bail-out may have saved wall street but not the same for main street. >> wall street bonuses continue to be large. a lot of profits made is there. most folks the wages are declining and if they have investment and so forth, over the last 13 years they haven't made any progress at all. the white house says keeping the financial industry afloat was part of rescuing the overall economy. >> the president does not believe anything we do in washington is worthwhile if it doesn't have as part of the purpose strengthening our economy. providing more security for our middle class. >> the aides said it would have been worse without the president's program including legislation aimed
, officer wendell palmer is charged with first-degree child sexual abuse for incidents that happened when the accuser was a juvenile. police have not said how old the victim is now or when the alleged incidents happened. this morning, weekend sell on paid admin-- wendell is is paid administrative leave. >>> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky appears in court this morning. the convicted child sex offender will attend a hearing where attorneys upon argue they didn't have enough time to prepare for his trial last year. last summer a jury convicted sandusky of 45 counts of child sex abuse. the case rocked penn state university with allegations of a cover-up. sandusky maintains his innocence. >>> the city of boston is under a state of emergency because of the flu outbreak. this flu season is shaping up to be one of the worst in decades. emergency rooms in boston are flooded with people complaining of flu-like symptoms. the city already has 700 cases including four deaths. the number of cases is already up tenfold from last year's flu season total. >> we're seeing a huge increase i
negotiations. senior white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler is live with the latest. does the white house have a sense of what might happen in the house? >> reporter: vice president biden wouldn't predict how the house would vote, in fact, the president and his aides are waiting to see if the house even picks up the vote today. the senate deal, basically, buys the nation a two month extension of the so-called fiscal cliff, but it doesn't contain any spending cuts, and that's a going to make it a tough sell to house republicans. yesterday the president aimed to put some pressure on them in an appearance that showcased middle class americans who'd be hit by a tax hike. mr. obama said he'd have preferred a bigger deal that included spending cuts. >> a grand bargain, whatever you want to call it, that solves our deficit problems in a balanced and responsible way, that doesn't just deal with the taxes, but deals with the spending in a balanced way so that we can put all this behind us and just focusing on growing our economy. >> reporter: the president said with this conference
company executive by the name of wendell potter. who is he? >> guest: a former executive at sigma who visited a place called remote area medical. remote area medical was started by tv personality from britain. it would send airplanes into third world countries to provide health care. they realize there's places in the u.s. that once getting -- but equally needed that type of care. so he literally flies in these jumbo jets provides health care to fairgrounds, nascar crowns. and when wendell potter went to visit one of these missions, he saw thousands thousands of uninsured people who were standing in line to get health care and animal stalls and barns. he was denying people access to care. he was with insurance at the time? >> guest: he didn't realize he was doing. draco did he speak out before he left the company for after? >> guest: he stated the company a couple months and couldn't keep looking at himself in the merida cited to resign. c-span: hardisty make us money now? >> guest: he wrote a book about his experience and he speaks in lectures and writes. c-span: have the insurance c
abusing a young girl. officer wendel palmer allegedly abused the girl while he was youth choir director at a southeast d.c. church run by his family. the victim says that he would have the rest of the choir go away but had perce a behind said it -- so he could perform sexual acts on her. his neighbors say they are stunned. >> cannot imagine somebody like him doing what he has been accused of. he has always been just a good neighbor. >> palmer is now suspended from the force. a judge ordered him to remain in jail until a hearing next week. >> defense secretary leon panetta is preparing for drastic budget cuts in case congress cannot reach an agreement on final spending plans. he says the pentagon will begin taking steps to deal with the cuts. departments must come up with detailed plans to come up with unpaid furloughs. furloughs would take in if automatic cuts are triggered. >> a big task ahead for president obama's pick for treasury secretary. jack lew takeover of the administration's affairs for a new fight with republicans over the nation's debt. >> in the names of one former senator
for sexually abusing a child. a department spokesperson said wendell palmer was arrested for first-degree child abuse. also new we are learning more about an abuse investigation. this was at a local home day care center and the man at the center of this case. detectives are asking for more possible victims to come forward following the arrest of a care giver who was accused of attacking a two-year-old. roz plater with the details. >> it is every parent's worst nightmare. we do not know how many kids are at the day care, but police want to get the word out in case there are other young victims out there. police say this upper marlboro home is the site of an unlicensed day care center, and a worker is accused of kicking a two-year-old child. what that is terrible. that really needs to be shut down if that is what they are doing. >> jonathan oummings has been arrested and check out -- charged with child abuse. a witness capture the whole thing on video tape. >> next to him is a two-year olds child. for no reason the suspect lashes out and strikes the two-year-old child. >> it is not known if this
way to president obama who says he will siinnit. wendell goler explains what's inside the legislation. p3 p------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- naas "(measure passes, deal passed with ovvrwhelming ...extending the buss eraatax cuts for amilies making less than $450 thousand dollars a yyar and maaiig the lower rates permanent, sooething... ...former president bush because he wasn't ble to get 2/3's of the ssnate to go allng. that part most republicans are happy with. ffeming says it made some thingsspermanent...permanent fix toothe amt....some things do like." ...the deal hhving to ay the alternative miiimum tax, by indexing it to the death tax 5% but extempts &pindividual estates... ..and $10 million for family estates like farms. backkto 6..%, a 2% increase ll phicc will cost a worrer making $110k year about $2k more. on the spending term unemployment enefits for another year. democcats had "it'sscrittcal. you want to talk aboot the real cliff it's compensation..boxer says if that's not in theedeal
in his church choir. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say that wendell palmer was a patrol officer until recently in the sixth district and it's not sure when or why they were resoaked -- revoked. a judge found probable cause to try him for sex abuse of a child. seen in video on this left, he had no comment leaving the superior courthouse,nd neither did the man on his right, believed to be a relative of palmer's. the judge refused to release palmer pending a preliminary hearing next tuesday, but did grant a defense motion to keep palmer separated from the rest of the population and she began to abuse a unnamed girl when he was 11 and did it in the pastor's office in the full temple church of christ apostolic in southeast d.c. and the affidavit said he would send other youth choir members to the store during rehearsal breaks. neighbors at this home in fort washington were stunned to hear the news and they didn't want us to use their names. >> and he has children. i have seen the children. i didn't see a woman, a wife there, so i assumed he was divorced or separated and seemed like a
another big topic today. gun control. we begin with white house correspondent wendell goler on the partisan tone over the debt. good evening, wendell. >> good evening. >> bret: the party that doesn't control the white house is rarely happy about raising the debt ceiling. >> reporter: recent years a genuine threat not to do so. >> raising the nation's debt ceiling, the president told reporters is a necessity caused by spending in the past. not something to trade with congress for spending cuts in the future. >> they can act responsibility, and pay america's bills. or act irresponsibly and put america through economic crisis. >> treasury secretary geithner says accounting maneuvers let us hold out till march and obama suggested he is prepared to hold out longer by prioritizing what bills the government paid. >> social security checks and veteran benefits will be dela delayed. we might not pay the troop or honor contract. >> republicans reacted swif swiftly. john boehner said consequences of failing to increase the debt creeling are real but so, too, are the consequences of all
possible executive orders he will implement. here is white house correspondent wendell goler. >> reporter: aides say the president and vice president will propose things we can do as a nation to protect innocents from gun violence and will joined by children around the countrybe who wrote the president letter ins the wake of the tragedy expressing concern about gun violence and school safety along with their parents. >> mr. obama called this the worst day of the presidency. but this inflames his critics. mr. biden has legislative proposals and things to do on their own likebe cracking down on people who buy on background checks or ordering tougher penalty for gun trafficking. and helping states do better job of mental health reporting. the president said he isn't focused on the impact of the gun proposals. >> will all of them get through the congress? i don't know. >> majority leader harry reid says he won't ask the democrats in the senate to vote on measures likely to be rejected by the republican controlled house. >> virginia republican congressman committee will consider the gun propos
white house coapt wendell goler take -- correspondent wendell goler takes a more in-depth look at the bill that passed the senate this morning and is now considered in the house. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> the senate deal passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, extenting the bush era tax cuts for families making less than $450,000 a year and making the rates permanent. something that former president bush was unable to do a decade ago because he wasn't able to get two-third of the senate to go along. that part most republicans are happy with. >> it makes some things permanent; particularly, in the estate tax area. permanent fix to the amt. so there are some actual things we do like about it. >> the deal seems 30 million people from having to pay the a terptive minimum tax indexing it to inflation. it raises the debt tax but has $5 million for individual estate and $10 million family estates like farms. but the payroll tax will go to 6.2%. inyees to cost the worker making $100,000 a year about $2,000 more. on the spending side, the deal extends the long-term unemp
of a dice, or will congress eventually cash out again? white house correspondent wendell goler reports from sin city. >> a speech intended to pressure congress to take up immigration reform was partly rewritten to applaud bipartisan proposal announced by eight senators the day before. >> the good news is that for the first time in many years, republicans and democrats seem ready to tack thi tackle this pm together. >> president stopped short of endorsing the senate plan because aides say the legislation hasn't been written. they say the principle mirror his own. but the critics aren't so sure. the biggest difference is that mr. obama's plan would give a faster path to citizenship for the 11 million people already in the country illegally. >> yes, they broke the rules and they crossed the border illegally. maybe they overstayed the visas. those are the facts. nobody disputes them. the 11 million men and women are now here. many of them have beenbe here for years. >> but the president's path to citizenship is too fast for florida senator marco rubio. >> the last time the country dealt with il
. white house correspondent wendell goler with an explanation and reaction. >> less than two weeks after the president said in the second inaugural address that an economic recovery had begun, the commerce department said not so fast. the biggest drop in defense spending in 40 years combined with a decline in exports and slow growth in company stock piles slashed economic growth from 3.1% in the third quarter to minus 1/10th in the fourth. first negative quarter since 2009. white house downplayed the report and gave the republicans part of the blame. >> home prices are starting to climb back. consumer confidence overall has been rising and consumer spending is rising. but there is more work to do. our economy is facing a major head wind that goes to your point. republicans in congress. >> carney cited comments by house speaker john boehner about using threat of across-the-board spending cuts mown as the sequester as leverage for fiscal austerity and unnamed leadership aide that said government shutdown might show some members' constituents they are fighting. >> inflicting damage on the e
free zones for ours. bill: that is part of it. wendell goler live on the north lawn. what is the reaction to the nra ad, wendell. >> reporter: frankly none, bill. aides say they have no more desire for a confrontation with the nra than they already have. people will see secret service protection for the first family is no more elitist than protection for the president himself. in the wake of the newtown massacre, polls show public opinion in favor of many measures mr. obama will announce today. press secretary jay carney says it will take more than gun controls to make our children safe. >> this is something that we have to address as a nation. it is not something you can do alone through executive action. it is not something you can do with even a series of laws that, congress might pass. this is a problem that touches on a variety of areas of american life. and it needs to be approach broadly. >> reporter: the white house released letters from children to the president in the wake of the newtown massacre including from this one from 10-year-old kijah from fworge ga. aski
on the scene. it has drawn fire from some of the president's critics. jon: wendell goler live at the white house for us now. thank you. for more on the president's latest nominations and the likely political reactions let's talk with bret baier, he the anchor of special report seen each we ca each week night on this network. i pulled a couple of quotes. this first one comes from politico today. it appeals the nomination of chuch nagel to obama's bipartisan spirit. when owe pwhapl ace seeking to end the war in afghanistan and dramatically reduce the pentagon's budget. this one yesterday from scott wilson in "the washington post." hagel's successful nomination would had a well-known republican to the president's second term cabinet at a time when he is looking to better bridge the partisan divide, particularly after a bitter election campaign. we just heard senator lindsey graham saying this is kind of an in your face nomination, nothing bipartisan about it. so which is it? >> there are a lot of republicans who feel like senator lindsey graham, that former senator from nebraska chuck hagel s
the president is considering 19 steps he could take on his own without anything from congress. wendell goler at the white house tonight. what do we know about the president's plan, wendell? >> shep, we expect it will include a combination of things, proposals for congress to take up and things as you say the administration can do on its own. the latter include cracking down on people who lie on background checks, tougher penalties for gun traffickers and better access to state and mental health records. the president will also propose things that will require congressional approval including ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines and universal background checks for gun buyers. all of these are long shots and aides say even those things wouldn't completely solve the problem. >> this is something that we have to address as a nation. it's not something you can do alone through executive action. it's not something you can do with even a series of laws that congress might pass. this is a problem that touches on a variety of areas of american life it needs to be approached broadly. jay
with senator hagel if we could. wendell, how strong is this republican opposition? >> shep, really no republicans jumping to hagel's defense right now. many were frustrated with him because he turned against the war in and iraq in and refused to it endorse john mccain in 2008. he stressed independence from the jewish lobby. critics biggest concern is whether he is tough enough on iran. >> secretary panetta, the current secretary of defense said there is a red line there over which we will not allow iran to cross. the president had different times has said the same thing. chuck hagel has said previously that he doesn't believe that we ought to keep all options on the table when it comes to an iranian nuclear threat. >> the white house says hagel has been strongly supportive of israel's security. they say his views are insync with the president. as you alluded hagel apologized for calling a u.s. dip openly aggressively gay 14 years ago. shepard? >> shepard: much less opposition to john brennan's nomination, correct? >> there do seem to be fewer concerns but that doesn't mean less con
. then, weldon wendell commented, we don't need another one who is smug, self-centered, and thinks he is god to the people. stay on tv, at least there when your smugness becomes overwhelming you can turn me off. wendell, you can turn off c-span, too, don't worry, the appointment would last five months, whereupon, after the special election congressman ed markey will be sworn in as the next elected senator. how do we know he is going to win? because i said so. and by the way, the day after i said so on this program that very next day john kerry endorsed ed markey, okay? the crazy massachusetts law on replacing senators was written by politically corrupt and legally corrupt members of the legislature. and so it has led to some crazy possibilities. >> i'm not going to get into speculation about my political future. >> that was all before ben affleck declared he wouldn't run for the john kerry seat and didn't want to be appointed as the senator from massachusetts. i, then, patiently waited for media speculation to turn to another son of massachusetts who had settled in los angeles and ach
and ultimately disrupt the difficult work that is ahead in the house and at senate. wendell goler live in las vegas traveling today with the president, good evening, wendell. the president rewrote his speech after he heard the senators of yesterday. what do you know of that? well, bill, he had originally planned a more scolding speech. a call for senators or members of congress to get to work on immigration reform. instead he congratulated the 8 members of the senate on a bipartisan proposal aids say is close enough to the president's principles that he is don't for now to let congress take the lead instead of submitting his own legislation. the key to it all was the apparent republican change of heart on a path to citizenship for people in this country illegally. >> we have to deal with the 11 million individuals who are here illegally. we all agree that these men and women should have to earn their way to citizenship. but for comprehensive immigration reform to work, it must be clear from the use set that there is a pathway to citizenship. >> the president's proposal family immigration laws
for another recession. wendell goler is live at the white house. it was a small drop today, but it did raise a lot of eyebrows, initially. >> well, you are right, shepard. the strongest quarter of the year was followed by a negative one. the slide blamed on dwindling exports, slow growth in company stocks and biggest decline in defense spending in 40 years. the economy went from 3.1% growth from july through september to a minus tenth of a percent last three months of the year. the white house both down played the decline and put part of the blame on republicans. >> home prices are starting to climb back. consumer confidence overall has been rising and consumer spending has been rising. there is more work to do and our economy is facing a major head wind which goes to your point. that's republicans in congress. >> south dakota republican john thune disagreed tweeting, quote: white house press secretary blames g.o.p. for economy while pushing higher taxes. what planet do these guys live on, shepard? >> shepard: economists seem to have a number of reasons if not an explanation for this. >> th
. >>> this morning, a d.c. police officer is under arrested for sexually abusing a child. officer wendell palmer is charged with first-degree child sexual abuse for incidents that happened when the accuser was a juvenile. police have not said how old the victim is or when the alleged incidents occurred. this morning wendell is on paid leave. >>> a former d.c. police officer will be sentenced today for shooting several people. kenneth fur faces prison time for the bizarre incident in august of 2011. fur was convicted of soliciting a transgender woman for sex outside a cvs in northwest washington. when she refused, he threatened her and a friend a gun. a few minutes layer, fur confronted them, jumped on the hood of their car and shot through the windshield, hitting three people. all the victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries. >>> a 19-year-old daycare employee facing child abuse charges in maryland. police say jonathan cummings admitted to cummings a toddler. the daycare was being run out of a home in upper marlboro. police say it was not licensed and has been shut down. police are looking
vacation in hawaii. wendell got to tag along, live in honolulu. give us a preview of the next round of the spending battle. >>reporter: senate minority leader mcconnell made clear it will come in the fight over racing the debt ceiling the next couple of months. we will face another fiscal cliff then, too. mcconnell says republicans will demand the spending cuts they did not get in the agreement congress passed this week. >> we cannot agree to increase that borrowing limit without agreeing to reforms that lower the avalanche of spending that is creating this debt in the first place. it is not first to the american people. it is not face to -- fair to our children. >> as far as he is concerned the debate over revenue is over with the rich now paying their fair share. >>gregg: what about the fight over the debt ceiling. talk to us about that. >>reporter: well, the last fight cost a slightly lower credit rating and moody's said, today and i quote, "the debt trajection resulting from the process and the process to come will likely determine whether the aaa rating is returned to a stable
answer is chris christie. "time" magazine is right because they need a wendell wilke to lead this party, and in terms of attitude as they say around south jersey. and thanks for a great roundtable. howard fineman, liz marlantes, kasie hunt, and john harris and that's the show. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here on thanks for watching. we'll see you back here on inaugural weekend. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. welcome to "on the money." i'm maria bartiromo. the president makes a crucial decision. why there's controversy over his choice for treasury secretary. >>> another new washington battle could move. what could it mean for your money. >>> and the high cost of higher education and how one ivy league institution is f
is right because they need a wendell wilke to lead this party, and in terms of attitude as they say around south jersey. and thanks for a great roundtable. howard fineman, liz marlantes, kasie hunt, and john harris and that's the show. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here on inaugural weekend. welcome to "on the money." i'm maria bartiromo. the president makes a crucial decision. why there's controversy over his choice for treasury secretary. >>> another new washington battle could move. what could it mean for your money. >>> and the high cost of higher education and how one ivy league institution is fighting it. my conversation with the president of harvard. >>> and what's the buzz, the buzzfeed, that is. the company that wants to be the next media giant and how it plans on getting there. "on the money" begins right now. >> this is america's number one financial news program, "on the money." now, maria bartiromo. >> here's what's making news as we head into a new week "on the money." a changing of the guard at the most important economic post at the obama administration. the presi
he won the election, wendell willkie, fuji beach, was in the office and they remained friends. he said to the president why do you keep that man so close to you, that man being hopkins. wilkie didn't like hopkins and roosevelt said you know, you may be in this office some day and you'll understand. but he asks for nothing except to serve me. >>> now to the university of alabama law school in tuscaloosa for a discussion of labor and employment law. civil rights leaders and retired federal judge u.w. clemon spoke to students about the history of title seven of the civil rights act. this is about an hour. >> on behalf of the society and the american constitutional society, we'd like to welcome you all today to a remarkable speaker, the honorable u.w. clemon. the former chief judge of the united states district court for the northern district of alabama. long before his notable career on the federal bench, justice u.w. clemon distinguished himself as a civil rights activist, lawyer and alabama state senator. as a student educated in the segregated public schools of jefferson county, h
. wendell goler is live at the white house. they're going to do this all other again. we'll hear the same words tomorrow, right, wendell? >> reporter: we will, jon. when january 20th falls on a sunday as it did with presidents eisenhower and reagan, the ceremony had been done privately that day and then the following day a reenactment, if you will, for the country with the parade and all the pomp and circumstance. this time reporters protested plans for a private ceremony for president obama. remember, he had one four years ago when the chief justice flubbed the oath. this time he used notes so there was no mistake. thin 1932 it was voted to be mod from march to january when herbert hoover did nothing to address the great depression. having to wait more than five months for the election for fdr to take control. mr. obama will take the oath of office four times, jon. >> there was an interesting story about the vice-president's swearing-in as well. a little commerce intruding? >> reporter: that was held early this morning to accommodate justice sonia sotomayor's plans for a book signing in
white house foreign affairs correspondent wendell goler is live at the white house with the very latest. wendell? >> reporter: heather, secretary clinton says in hindsight it might have made sense for administration officials to say less immediately after the attack but nothing she said in her testimony today contradicts anything she or the president said in the past. still republicans think the president's lone reference to a terror attack a day after the benghazi tragedy was perhaps purposely overshadowed by other suggestions by him and other administration officials that the attack grew out of a protest of an anti-islam film. tennessee republican senator bob corker sharply criticized the briefing a week and a half after the benghazi attack. >> it was a bizarre briefing at best. it happened in the middle of a political campaign and obviously there was a lot of spin from the white house and, a lot of comments made on both sides of the aisle which heightened a lot of the focus on benghazi. i think it also represented a schrer rotic department that many ways made decisions based on what
and charged with first degree child sex abuse. wendell palmer is a 22-year veteran of the force now on leave pending the outcame of -- outcome of this criminal case. >>> it's happened again in louisa county, virginia. an earthquake. around 6:30, a 2.0 magnitude quake shook the county. it was the epicenter of the huge quake we all felt in august 2011 2011. >>> boston, massachusetts has declared a public health emergency all because of this amazing flu that's sweeping the country. this year's flu season started earlier and is hitting harder than it has been in recent years and that's putting a strain on the health care system. >> it's not just massachusetts. 44 states are reporting widespread flu. nationwide the number of people going to the hospital with flu symptoms has doubled in the past month. >> reporter: the flu hasn't been this bad in boston in years. more than 700 cases have been confirmed so far and statewide 18 people have died. city health officials are preparing for it to get worse. >> in the last two weeks alone, we've doubled our number. so if we continue at this rate to see you
, child sex abuse in the first degree. the officer, wendel palmar. he had been on the force for 22 years and now he is on leave pending the outcome of the case. >>> and things were shaking in virginia tonight. an earthquake that measured 2.0 on the richter scale hit around 6:30. i'm sure many of you will not remember there has been a first time there's been a quake down there. this was also the epicenter of the huge quake we all felt back in august of 2011. it damaged the national cathedral and the washington monument. >>> do you know what your neighbors are doing right now? you might be shocked to find out which x rated website a lot of people have been visiting. >>> plus the lance armstrong controversy. is he ready to come clean about doping? that story still ahead. >>> and do you like your diet soda. it may not like you. how diet drinks may be altering your mood. >>> and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. high temperatures 50 today. another day above average. now, here is your wake up weather. a light jacket required even though it's going to be a mild start. 34-44 at 5:00. low 30s to lo
in a church choir. wendell palmer worked in the sixth district. a woman came forward and accused palmer of sexually assaulting her when she was just 11 years old. the woman says the abuse lasted for two years. >>> this year's flu season is packing a powerful punch, rapidly spreading across the country n boston, officials have declared a public health emergency after 700 cases have been confirmed. that is compared to 70 cases in all of last year. closer to home in maryland, more than 2300 people have been diagnosed with the flu. doctors say this soap's flu strain has begun earlier and hitting even harder. some health officials fear this could be the worst flu season in 10 years. adult emergency room visits in maryland have increased between 10 and 20% and children's visits have spiked about 25%. many of the symptoms include high fever, muscle aches and headaches but it is important to know not everyone with these symptoms needs to go to the emergency room. >> if you get sick with, it the best thing to do is if you are otherwise healthy, take tylenol, ibuprofen, drink plenty of fluids and
.c. police officer accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl pleads not guilty. wendell palmer was the director of a church choir at the time. the woman says palmer abused her inside the church and other places for two years. she says it started back in 2004. the judge has ordered palmer held pending a preliminary hearing tuesday. >>> coming up next, president obama and vice president joe biden making good on a promise to present gun control reform legislation soon. >> the man accused of a deadly shooting spree inside a colorado movie theater will go onto trial. fox 5 news will be back in a moment.  >>> the judge overseeing a preliminary hearing into the colorado movie sheet are shooting says the case can go to trial. judge william sylvester says there is enough evidence against james holmes from last summer's massacre in aurora. he is due back in court later today for an arraignment. but his lawyers say they are not ready to enter a plea. >>> less than a month of an elementary school school shooting in connecticut a 16- year-old fired a shotgun in his s
anti-war candidate wendell willkie. the stakes were high. the nation would soon be a war. roosevelt weigh the options and chose a controversial secretary of agriculture, henry wallace, as his running mate. wallace had successfully overseen rebuilding after the depression. he had provided food stamps and school lunches. he instituted programs for land use planning and soil conservation. he carved out his credentials in the new year deals as an outspoken anti-fascist. he was considered the scientific community's best ally. he spoke out strongly against the building of a of racial theories in rebuke of the hitler polity -- policy. >> he first introduced me to the mysteries of plant fertilization. i spent a good many years breeding corn because the scientist deepened my appreciation of plants in a way i could never forget. superior ability is not the exclusive possession of any one provided men aret right given the right opportunity. >> democratic party leaders feared wallace's views. it looked like his nomination would go up in flames when roosevelt, angry and frustrated, rode a remark
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